Wolf Moon Set Over Front Range

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Wolf Moon Set Over Front Range, oil on linen, 24x30



Since my blog about Chasing the Moon, I have continued to collect photographs, memories and sketches in preparation for this larger painting. My vision of the January full moon glowing brilliantly over the fresh powder on the front range of the Rocky Mountains crystallized in my memory. On mornings when we had new snow I would venture to a nearby point to photograph the scene. I learned that each full moon has a specific name chosen by Native Americans or early settlers based on their understanding of the season and the events of nature. Ancient civilizations kept track of the phases of the moon in order to plan for each season’s hunting, planting or harvesting. The moon I remembered seeing in January was known as the Wolf Moon, because of the hungry wolves howling at the moon during the long frigid winter nights.

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Panhandle Plains Invitational Western Art Show & Sale

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Reception Saturday, March 7th, 6pm


You're cordially invited to the opening reception for the Panhandle-Plains Invitational at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, 2503 Fourth Avenue, Canyon, Texas. I'm pleased to have three oil paintings in the show which will hang in the Foran Family Galleries from March 7th through 28th, 2015.

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White Buffalo Nocturne

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White Buffalo Nocturne, oil on linen, 8x10


A white buffalo or white bison is considered sacred or spiritually significant in several Native American religions; therefore such buffalo are often visited for prayer and other religious rituals. The coats of buffalo are almost always brown and their skin a dark brown or black, while white buffalo are extremely rare. The National Bison Association has estimated that they only occur in approximately one out of every 10 million births.

Native Americans see the birth of a white buffalo calf as a prophetic sign, similar to the weeping statues, bleeding icons, and crosses of light that are meaningful to some Christians. As Christians may view these signs as a renewal of God's ongoing relationship with humanity, so Native Americans view the white buffalo calf as the sign of life's sacred circle.

An early story about a white buffalo was documented by historian Josiah Gregg and travelers on the Santa Fe trail. In 1833 during the Leonid Meteor Shower (The Night the Stars Fell), a white bison was killed by the Cheyenne who scribed a peace and trade treaty on its skin.

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Winter View


Winter View, oil on linen, 9x12


This is a winter view from our back patio in our new home. I hope to paint a series of this scene in varying seasons, times of day, and weather conditions. What view do you see in a new way each day?

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Aspens Spruce Lace

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Aspens Spruce Lace, oil on linen, 14x11



It was a glorious fall morning when we stopped along the way to photograph these golden aspens, blue spruce, and Queen Anne's Lace on Guanella Pass. I love the back light filtering through the translucent aspens leaves and the pattern of the delicate wildflowers leading our eyes into the scene. I'm so grateful to call Colorado home.

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Aspens Backlit

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Aspens Backlit, oil on linen, 20x16


On a gorgeous autumn day we drove Guanella Pass, stopping frequently to photograph brilliant yellow and golden aspen foliage. I was excited by the sun glowing through the translucent leaves of the quaking aspens and the patterns formed by the pale aspens against the deeper greens of cedars and pines. I hope that you will feel the warmth of the sunny day and remember the spicy fragrance of the new fallen leaves on the forest floor.

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Portrait Painting in Oils

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Josh's Fedora, oil, 14x11

Portrait Painting in Oils : February 2015 


Portrait Painting in Oils - Four 2-Hour Classes –Instructor Ruth Soller - $120/4 Classes

Location – Ruth Soller Studio, 1405 Lander Lane, Lafayette, CO 80026

Dates February 6, 13, 20, 27, Friday mornings 9:30-11:30 am

Register by January 31, 2015

Contact Ruth to register - phone 303-469-2072, email  


Objectives: This class builds on the skills learned in Portrait Drawing Basics

Learn to paint a head and shoulders portrait in oils using the Daniel E. Greene portrait palette. If you desire to mix beautiful flesh tones and build on your portrait painting skills, this four session class will provide the tools and encouragement you need to complete an oil portrait. Working from photographs which the student provides we will sketch the head and features in correct proportions and learn color comparison and modeling skills.


                   Portrait Paintings by Ruth Soller, oil, 14x11

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Beaver Meadows Rocky Mountain National Park

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Beaver Meadows Rocky Mountain National Park, oil on linen, 9x12


This is a view of an early snow in Beaver Meadows region of Rocky Mountain National Park. We are so fortunate to live near Rocky Mountain National Park and to be able to make a day trip to visit or hike. Winter comes early and stays late in the high country. I'm happy to be able to paint this scene from the comfort of my studio while it is snowing outside. From my front window I spy a pair of flickers searching for food between the stones of our front porch column.

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Kat on Rose Chaise

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Kat is a lovely young woman who posed for our portrait painting group. She has a serene and classic bearing and wore a long gown in black and burgundy while posing on a rose colored chaise lounge. I found the contrast between Kat's porcelain skin, the black satin dress and the black and grey drapes quite interesting. I've painted a previous study of Kat mostly from life; and this is my most recent studio portrait painting done from photographs.

What do you like best about this painting? What story or memory does it bring to mind?

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New Studio Virtual Tour


Ruth Soller Studio Tour

Many of you have shared that you missed my new studio open house; so it may be fun for you to take a quick virtual studio tour.

Here is the street view of our home and studio.

This display area also serves as art photography backdrop.

My primary easel is set between two northwest windows.

A drafting table keeps my palette and paints ready to go.


A wicker chair is set to provide natural light for a model.

Wide plank hickory laminate flooring is economical and easy to care for. 


Two full size closets are fitted by my handyman husband with shelving to store supplies, gear, and inventory.

Adjustable track lighting runs the length of the room along a 9 foot ceiling.


A carpeted board allows unframed mini paintings to hang using Velcro dots. 


If you desire a personal tour email to schedule an appointment.

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